A piece of clothing is not just a thing. Clothing is a means of communication with the world and with the people in it. Clothing is capable of expressing emotion and revealing individuality, it gives a woman the opportunity to express her feelings every day, to find support within herself through her outward appearance. This is how the women’s designer clothing brand Bendus approaches the creation of clothing and accessories.

Timeless elegance, femininity, notes of sensuality—these are the basic principles of the fashion brand. Bendus is chosen by women with character. They know how they want to see themselves reflected in the mirror, and seek an ideal expression of their personality through their clothing and accessories. These women change the space around them by their appearance alone. 

The Bendus collection provides the basis for a wardrobe to suit any situation: at home or at work, on holiday or on a date, an important social event. These are articles that invite you to always be yourself.

The flawless quality of each article is underlined by the choice of fabric: natural silk, delicate knits, natural wool, velvet. Skilful cuts make each article of clothing into the very item you have searched for for so long. Full of symbolism, Bendus accessories add spice to outfits and provide their finishing touch.

About the designer.


Karina Bendus is a Ukrainian designer who founded her clothing and accessories fashion brand in 2016. Karina’s fashion career has been closely interwoven with her personal story: she creates clothes that she would want to wear herself, and about which others dream.

At the heart of Karina’s approach is the experience of women—wives, mothers, artists, for whom a dream is the starting point for a fantasy that will one day become a reality. Through clothes and accessories, Bendus emphasises a feminine personality that takes pleasure in life and finds support within herself. Choosing only the best for your one and only self—this is Karina’s ultimate view on what a woman should feel when she sets her eyes on designer clothing and accessories.

Among Karina’s sources of inspiration are classical and contemporary art, the history of fashion, the textures of natural fabrics, fashion photography, as well as cinema and global figures.